Life’s too short, have your cake.

Think Sweet!!

Things have been a little slow yet too fast last couple of weeks, some unexpected unwelcome stuff denting my otherwise settled routine life. Writing always makes things which looks hazy more clearer to me.  I’m eternally grateful to my lovely boys who get distracted often(with other stuff) yet helpful in moving things along for me.  For times when life isn’t going full throttle, when things don’t go especially as you want it too, a sweet little thing tingles my palate and gets me all excited. 

Ever since i started baking 10 years ago, life has not been the same.  When you remove a perfectly baked sheet cake, the perfume of butter surrounds your senses creating all kinds of happy thoughts.  It’s a whole new feeling when you blog your favorite moment, a precious simple humble sheet cake which can be transformed from a nothing to CINDERELLA.  

I remember it was a major moment for me to bake this humble cake.  We would cut it into squares and enjoy with coffee, watching TV, and even stealing from each other before it was all gone.. But now after using this basic recipe to create many stunning desserts, I hardly get a chance to just enjoy it’s simplicity, so here goes…(the best recipe you can find, foolproof and comes out perfect every single time)

BASIC BUTTER SPONGE CAKE:                                Preheat oven to 375 degrees F

125gms/1 stick unsalted butter, at room temperature
100 gm/cup All Purpose Flour
1/2 baking powder
100gm/1cup  sugar
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp Milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1. Sieve flour/baking powder/salt.
2. Beat butter and sugar until pale yellow.
3. Add one egg at a time and beat till creamy.
4. Add vanilla extract
5. Add flour mixture and fold it in
7. Add milk and mix.
8. Bake in a greased sheet for 25-30 min, if a a square or deep pan bake for 40 minutes..