‘Cravings are not to be taken lightly’.-unknown..

A good chef is a gift from God.  Transforming an idea from a thought, to a plate, as simple as that sounds, there are various stages and processes to that chain of action. 
Predominantly the kitchen a women’s domain, the food industry has been overpowered by men. 
Cooking is an ART and a science. 

He has mastered that art and is quite modest about it. With a personality to capture one’s attention and to make them laugh is no task of every human.  He is RANJAN DEY a chef and a restaurateur.  His NEW DELHI RESTAURANT, SF is a place you want to go relax and enjoy an Indian gourmet meal in an old world kind of atmosphere.

It’s always a pleasure when I meet people who enjoy cooking and are passionate about it.  So, of course  I was elated to meet up Ranjanda for lunch with my foodie friend. We hung out, had a good laugh and ate.  This is not a recipe post but just my hunt to meet food lovers who have made their passion a life.

Have a great Tuesday friends!!!!