SPICE Your meal up- Green Chilly Pickle

Condiments are like old friends — highly thought of, but often taken for granted.”
Marilyn Kaytor

It does no lasting damage, but the way our body reacts to this simple yet strong spice is interesting.  Tingling of tongue, sweat drops forming, quickening of pulse doesn’t stop someone from enjoying it and gulping buckets of water later.  We Indians are known for a high tolerance to this spice powehouse, GREEN CHILLY.  India is known to be the largest producer and consumer of this treat(info from WIKIPEDIA).

Visited a friend for dinner, she keeps the condiment she concocted and warns, ‘it is spicy’, eat with care.  How spicy can it be?? ufffff…sweating, it was spicy, tasted so good and fresh, became a fan of pickle.  I don’t normally have pickle with my meals, but she got me hooked on to it.  She bottled up some for me to take home, which I licked clean in matter of days and called back for more.  Convincing her to bottle it up and sell it.. 

Inspired by my friend’s home made pickle, I made my own Mixed Veg Pickle(they both tasted different). I will surely post her recipe soon.  Now I’m loving the spicy touch with my parathas ,sambhar rice and thayir/yoghurt rice(which the South Indians are famous for).  Give it a try, and you’ll love the home made variety.  Now, I don’t have anything against a good store bought pickle(which i stock a lot), but this one is surely a crowd pleas er condiment.