BAKING- EL SALVADORIAN Sweet Bread- Semitas De Dulce(Sweet Suffed Bread)

“I like reality that tastes like bread.”

Jean Anouilh (1910-1987)

Although popular all around Central America, this version of the  Sweet Buttery Bread stuffed with jam is found in El Salvador.  SEMITAS De Dulce is so famous, you can find it in bakeries throughout Central America and when walking around touring this small country but a fast growing one, you can see street vendors with their version.. 

It’s so much fun researching  and cooking something you haven’t heard of.  I have absolutely no clue how the original tastes like, but this was a winner, especially when your preteen and his friends rave about it.  As always, when your big kid comes and asks you to make something for school, I jumped at his request.  
One thing I would surely do next time is be a little patient for my bread dough to proof well…urgency doesn’t cut it for bread based recipes…
It’s perfect with a cup of coffee and travels really well, keeps good at room temp for up to 4 days(if it last:))…