MAY RESTAURANT REVIEWS – 3 top Places to EAT in the Bay

      “After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”-Oscar Wilde.

San Francisco is a hub for culture and cuisine, famously called as the bohemian city with a sensual palate.  Frisco’s culinary journey has come a long way, you name it and you will find it..  Also known as  the mother of many original recipes, SF offers  a variety in experience and food. With a bucket list of restaurant’s, it is intriguing but you don’t wanna fall prey to the hype of many.    Now with social media and search engines, the  outlook on restaurants is completely different.  You can yelp and find any restaurant and every detail of it.  But ultimately it’s you who decides where you wanna go, your expectations and experience.

For me going out and dining has to be a pleasurable experience,  FOOD has to be exceptional.  I don’t dine out often…so for me I am choosy about what and where I wanna go.  I like to experiment with food of different cultures.  Dining out for many of us can be for different reasons..But, at the end of it, we should enjoy our meal and the experience whether is fine dining or casual one.

Here are a list of my top 3 places for this month from pricey to affordable…but absolutely great food, places which are fun and exuberant with high spirits. .I would love to hear from you,,,your top 3 choices anywhere in the bay,,that way we all can try different places…

1.  The FRENCH LAUNDRY– FINE DINING- $$$$- it gives a new meaning to FINE dining

A Very Very Special occasion place. With a long wait list, it’s going to take some time to get a reservation.  But once you get it, consider yourself lucky, because you are going to venture into something you want to stay for ever in. With beautiful gardens, the best service, impeccable decor and HEAVENLY FOOD with the freshest of ingredients.  It is an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. Their Risotto with truffle is indescribable and of course their princess cake was my fave. Leave your kids behind, enjoy the date and expect a huge dent in your pocket.

6640 Washington St
YountvilleCA 94599

(707) 944-2380

2. BURMA SUPERSTAR – Casual Dining- $$- kid friendly- no reservation and long lines but friendly staff

The Seating is crowded, the wait is a bit long when we are with kids..but the food compensates it all.  The famous TEA leaf salad is YUM YUM YUM and sits straight up to all it’s hype.  Their curries are delicious but I’ve heard from a few fellow bloggers that it can be muted at times, but nevertheless tasty. A mix of Burmese, Thai and Indian, lightly spiced up and bit on the greasy side but good for a nice lunch with family.  So If you looking to this cuisine and are around the vicinity, it’s a place you wanna try.

309 Clement St
(between 5th Ave & 4th Ave)
San FranciscoCA 94118
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond

(415) 387-2147

3.  CANDY BAR – Dessert lounge – $$- with friends or a special date and light drinks

OK this one is right down my alley.  If you are a dessert lover, you will enjoy this place. Perfect for special dates, GNO , anniversaries or plain old ‘I want to eat dessert’.   It’s a  cozy dim place, dedicated only to sweet treats with light cocktails.  They have board games set up, which we didn’t get too, cause’ we were busy chatting up..It’s a place you go it, get a sugar high, enjoy a good conversation and leave happy.
Almond PannaCotta, flourless torte, and my favorite tiramisu was amazing.

1335 Fulton St
(between Broderick St & Divisadero St)
San FranciscoCA 94117
Neighborhood: NoPa

(415) 673-7078

Have FUN and please don’t forget to leave  a comment on your top picks to try out.  Thanks.