PINA COLADA Parfait with Mangoes

                               Mango among fruits, pork among meats, tea among leaves.

We are in the midst of  spring with weather acting very moody.  Taste buds getting confused.  It’s hot and I want something cool and quick.  It gets colder and I crave for something baked and goey.  But  one thing remains constant, a want for a quick dessert.  I recently discovered parfaits and it’s many variations.  I’ve combined a lot of different ingredients and this one seems to be my hubby’s favorite.  Although he has an aversion to coconut when not fresh…this one has passed his test.

Pina Colada Parfait

Pina Colada Parfait

Fruity cocktails have always inspired me with my desserts.  Sometimes, its all in the name.  Entertaining is fun when cocktails are involved and especially involved in a dessert but slightly guilt free.  This is especially a good one to bookmark, cause’ you can prep everything ahead and spoon it into beautiful glasses and you are good to hang out with friends.  

Had my girlfriends over for a light lunch and this won them over.  Not a great mango lover myself…(don’t hate me)…I added mango bits to satisfy my gals who love the king of fruits.  

The Parfait is a delicate mix of yoghurt and coconut cream whipped up with pureed pineapple and topped with mangoes.  You could make this a bit naughty by adding a dash of coconut rum and the adults would not have a thing to complain about. This bright flavored parfait surprised me and truly makes anyone feel special, best of all a dessert doesn’t get simpler than this.


Ingredients:                                                                                                          Serves 4

Pineapple- 1/2 cup pureed
Thick coconut cream-1/2 cup
Yoghurt  thick hung   -1/2 cup
Sugar                        – 2 tbsp
Mangoes                   – 1 whole chopped


1.  Use the thick part of the coconut cream from a can.
2.  Beat the coconut cream and yoghurt with sugar till a light airy consistency
3.  Mix in pureed pineapple
4.  Spoon in glasses alternative with the cream and mangoes.