Baking – Coconut Cardamom Cookies/Biscuits

“I am still convinced that a good, simple, homemade cookie is preferable to all the store-bought cookies one can find.”

James Beard

It’s one those blah days.  Weather is dull, and in turn dragging everybody down. I haven’t ticked off half the things I have to do for the week and another list is already awaiting. With the weather like this, I just want to cozy up in my bed, with the heater to my left, coffee to warm up and a good novel for company.  Shaking my beautiful thoughts away, have a bunch of chores to get done.  But I cannot resist the urge to whip a batch of the simplest biscuits/cookies every.

This might be and is one of the simplest biscuits ever.  I remember having these from bakeries back in my school days.  I had this recipe written in my very very old diary of 1993, and i’m still wondering whom I got it from.  But, after a bit of research, seems like it’s quite a popular recipe among the blogosphere, and it a good basic one to bookmark..

The sweet smell of coconut and cardamom are clearly the star of this, and screams exotic and Indian.  The rusticness of the cookie, the smells that go around the kitchen transferring throughout the home, just brings back fond memories from hometown.  Goes in the oven, and magically transforms to these crispy goodness.

ENJOY!! and Thanks for stopping by.
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