3 Homemade food gifts – PERFECT Hostess gifts

                  The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille, Le Mentuer

With busy schedules around school year, entertaining can get  a bit stressful. In summer, there’s a lot of free time and it’s time to socialize.  We all need a reason to get together for a cup of coffee or just for a chat.   .:)

The blog keeps me busy, and I finally feel I can give back something and feel rewarded in a way. After all the endless hours browsing and admiring talented people all around, I’ve learnt and created so much along the way. Journey is fun and never ends.

 Gifts from the kitchen are gifts from the heart. I like to make take-home gifts, and although it might be the simplest of things, I have seen my friends liking it a lot.  These are few of the simple gift ideas, and you can customize each one.  You could print a small recipe and attach it so that your friends can try it at home too. 


I’ve used home made garam masala powder, but you could use any of your mixes.  Think about putting it in glass jars, make ’em pretty. The simplest of gifts can look elegant with few details. You can find a detailed recipe of dvery good garam masala HERE.


This is one of my favorites to give out for friends, teachers, my mailman, neighbors…   Make a huge batch of these mini loaves, because you might not have enough to give out.  They are so good it’s unbelievable, perfect recipe for kids, needs no fuss and bakes beautifully.  Wrapped in a fancy colored plastic wrap, along with a recipe card and your friends are going appreciate the effort you put in(with not a lot of effort on your part). Recipe for  The Best Banana Bread.


Found these mugs at a store, DAISO, if you get a chance to visit this beautiful Japanese store, please do. They have the cutest little things for under 2 dollars.  I am all for a bargain especially when it looks good.  Think about adding a pop of color, which can brighten anyone’s day. Wrap this in clear plastic, you have a nice hostess gift. Watch Manjula’s Kitchen on YOUTUBE making these CRACKERS, she’s such a sweet lady.

All the packaging was bought at DAISO, for under couple of dollars.
Hope you enjoy the post, please do take a few minutes to leave me your feedback, I would really appreciate it.